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Big Man Stag Treasure Hunt Entertainment for Stag Weekends

Big Man Stag Treasure Hunt

What do you get if you combine the craziest dares you've ever seen with the best pub quiz in history? The Big Man Stag Treasure Hunt, of course! Chaps, this is a solid gold way to spend the Saturday afternoon of your stag weekend, and it's available in multiple UK locations.

Visit the most famous places in your city of choice. Complete insane video and photo challenges. Get hot strangers to pose for you. Run around the city centre, performing wild goal celebrations and showing off your best sporting moves. All of it goes on camera, and every time you successfully complete a task you get points!

Obviously, there's more to a stag weekend than just the chance to make an arse out of yourself in public. Like beer. And making an arse out of the groom in public while you lot stand around laughing at him. The Big Man Stag Treasure Hunt has all this and more. It's the perfect stag package, all wrapped up in an easy-to-follow sightseeing route!

Did we mention you get beer breaks? Not even the craziest fool would be able to pull off these stunts without a bit of Dutch courage! So we've made sure there are several opportunities to stop off for a pint along the way. And the best bit? You get to choose your own pub. Settle in, sup up and get ready for the next dare.

In a nutshell:

  • Treasure hunt with dares and beer stops
  • Visit the best bits of your stag weekend city
  • Photo and video challenges
  • Off Limits cannot be held responsible for injuries sustained during sporting challenges
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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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