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Bristol Big Man Stag Treasure Hunt

See Bristol's best sights. Visit her finest pubs. Get the sexiest ladies on the Harbourside to pose for pictures. The ultimate stag weekend treasure hunt has landed, chaps, and you'd be fools to miss it!

The Big Man Stag Treasure Hunt combines the three greatest things in the universe: dares, beer and pub quiz questions! Follow a carefully-constructed route around Bristol's finest landmarks, completing photo and video challenges and showing off your general knowledge. When the beer alert chimes, it's time to dive into the nearest bar and get comfortable over a pint.

This work of treasure-hunting genius takes the best bits from a whole stag weekend and condenses them into a fun-filled afternoon in Bristol city centre. You get to have a few jars, see the best bits of the city and wind each other up doing ridiculous things for attention. Ask pretty girls to pose for pictures, video the team doing outlandish goal celebrations on Prince Street, and show off your sporting talents with a series of increasingly crazy forfeits!

The chaps will love this activity - it's fun, it's frantic and it has beer in it. Plus you get to film each other doing mad-as-balls stuff in the middle of Bristol. What more could you want?

In a nutshell:

  • Stag weekend treasure hunt
  • Dares and sporting challenges
  • General knowledge questions
  • Sightseeing
  • 3 beer stops
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