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Liverpool Big Man Stag Treasure Hunt

Liverpool is famous for its shipping, its musical heritage and its nightlife. But your stag party doesn't need to know any of that to score big points in the ultimate treasure hunt!

We've come up with a brand new take on the stag party Saturday: a combination treasure hunt, sightseeing trip and series of crazy challenges. All the questions are general knowledge and movie based, the dares are sporting or lady-oriented, and there are three chances to dive into a pub and have a beer. What's not to love?

Satisfy the culture vultures in your stag party with a tour of Liverpool's most famous streets, monuments and buildings. Make sure the beer boys stay smiling thanks to multiple booze alerts - when the alarm sounds, it's time to down tools and head for the nearest bar!

Along the way, you'll be tasked with completing video and photo challenges. Every dare you successfully finish gets points - but only if you come back with the evidence! Sample dares include getting the sexiest girl you can find to pose for a picture, recording a video detailing the most embarrassing things the groom ever did, and performing feats of athletic prowess in the streets of Liverpool. Can you do cartwheels down Penny Lane?

In a nutshell:

  • Stag party treasure hunt and dares
  • Photo and video challenges
  • 3 pub stops
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