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Sheffield Triple Whammy

Why scare yourself once, when you can do it three times? The Triple Whammy combines three of Sheffield's most terrifying adrenaline activities into one epic package! Can you handle it?

First up is the death-defying zip wire, one of the craziest in the UK. This indoor monster spans 250ft, and starts from a point six stories above ground! You'll soar through the air at frankly pant-destroying speeds, swooping over an industrial landscape of abandoned smelting vats. Hit the landing zone after a 30mph flight, but don't breathe a sigh of relief yet - your stag weekend ordeal has just started!

Next up is an indoor abseil. You have to climb 143 steps to get to the jumping-off point, where an exert instructor is waiting to show you how to do your thing. Can you pluck up the courage to leap into total blackness, and abseil 150ft to the safety of the factory floor?

You might be safe down here, but not for long! Once you've been unhooked from your abseiling gear, minions will lead you to the foot of your final challenge. It's a 143-step climb again, this time to the top of a terrifying structure that has only one purpose. Will you master your terror, or will the freefall into blackness unseat your reason forever?

That's right, folks. We did say 'freefall'. Into the abyss. This is a real leap of faith, suitable only for the hardiest. Many have tried, not so many have succeeded in letting go of their fear and just jumping!

After the 150ft fall through thin air, you'll suddenly be caught by a strong updraft as the Powerfan turns on! After your screams have died away, float gently back to terra firma and head straight to the cafe for a drink.

Best. Activity. In. Sheffield.

In a nutshell:

  • 3 insane adrenaline activities
  • Indoor zip wire
  • Indoor abseil (150ft)
  • Freefall and Powerfan (150ft)
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Packages That Include This Activity

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Whats Included...
  • Triple Whammy
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • Two Nights Accommodation
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