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Cancun Sky Diving

There's not much you can't do in Cancun - and that makes it the ideal spot for crossing off those "always wanted to nail that" stag party activities!

Get the big man the biggest present of his life, and boot him out of a plane strapped to a strange lady at 10,000 feet.

Sky diving is the ultimate adrenaline rush. Find out what birds feel like in a 120mph freefall, which takes place so far above the earth you won't even know you're dropping until the jungles along the Cancun coastline suddenly start getting much bigger!

The sensation goes from one of serene flight to balls-up panic in a split second, then your lovely instructor pulls the rip cord and releases the parachute.

Because this is a tandem jump, your boy only needs to train for 20 minutes before he goes up in the plane and jumps for real. That gives him 20 minutes to poo his pants and make a break for it, so make sure you keep a close eye on him!

If you want to make this the most memorable event of all your lives, get the whole stag party into the plane. For 40 terrifying seconds after you jump, you'll be literally plummeting towards the Caribbean Ocean: followed by eight minutes of utter exhilaration as you ride the parachute towards the landing spot. Immense.

In a nutshell:

  • Tandem free fall and parachute drop
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