Zagreb Paintballing

Get your war face on for an afternoon of unbridled stag weekend mayhem in the Croatian countryside! Located a short distance from Zagreb, this paintballing centre has everything a chap needs to think he's playing Call of Duty for real.

Featuring woodland terrain, man-made and natural obstacles and themed game zones, this is a cut above your average paintballing afternoon! Get the camo on, rack a fresh clip of paintballs into place and remember: the first casualty of war is the groom getting shot in the pills by the best man.

It doesn't matter how many times the lads have done paintballing before: when they see this site, they'll wee themselves with happiness. How often do you get to dive for cover in real woodland, break into bunkers and corner the stag in perfectly designed game sets?

Boys who have done themselves proud amongst the beer and shots on Friday night will find their hangovers disappearing within seconds of the first shot. These games are all about tactics, accuracy and quick responses! Any man rendered senseless by a major headache is likely to end up as cannon fodder.

To celebrate your stag weekend in full (and toast the victorious army after a successful campaign), we're throwing in a round of post-battle beers. Pose for snaps as you raise a foamy tankard to the defeated foe, then head back to Zagreb for another big night.

In a nutshell:

  • 1 hour of war
  • Body armour and ammo
  • Beer
  • Transfers from and to Zagreb
  • 100 balls
  • 2 hour games
From Only £35.00 per Person
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