Warsaw VIP Night Club Entry

There's nothing like a bit of VIP treatment to make a feller feel like he's on his stag weekend! Why settle for any old clubbing experience, when you could have the best in Warsaw?

Our VIP club entry package guarantees you entry to the finest club in the city. This is an upmarket spot with a reputation to match. But fear not, chaps - with the right combination of smart clothes, a decent attitude and our beautiful local tour guide, you'll be all over it.

This club operates a strict face and dress code, so make sure all the chaps are togged up and prepared to cool down any rowdy stag weekend behaviour. Play by the rules, and you'll get waved straight in thanks to your epic party pass - which also entitles you to one hour's assistance from our lovely guide! She'll make sure you get settled in right, help you with drinks orders, and give you tips on how to talk to the beautiful Polish girls on the dance floor!

A stag weekend without clubbing would be like a breakfast without eggs. Technically, you could do it, but it just wouldn't be right! Book a VIP entry to Warsaw's best club, and you'll get the mad party experience you want. We're talking big beats, bigger dance floors, and some of the fittest girls in the world losing their sh*t to hefty house music. Gotta love those Eastern European nightclubs!

In a nutshell:

  • VIP entry to the best nightclub in Warsaw
  • Minimum 6 people
  • Local guide for 1 hour
  • Dress to impress
  • Face and dress code check
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