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Tenerife Bubble Football

Bounce, crash, roll and bash!

You can't beat bubble football for comedyvalue! It's the most bonkers thing you can do on a Tenerife stag weekend. Youget the pitch for one hour, plus bubbles and a ball. Get inside a biginflatable bubble and prepare for epic tackles and dramatic dives! The bubblegoes over your head and body, down to the knees. There's a hole so you canbreathe easily. It's having your arms inside the bubble that will really spinyou out!

Experience needed: none. Skill required:none. In fact, you'll find it's those with actual football talent that tend toget in a right strop playing bubble football! There's absolutely no way you canplay a serious game of football wearing a giant bubble. If you manage to getthe ball you'll be lucky, never mind scoring an actual goal. But that won'tmatter because you'll be too busy ganging up the stag and rolling him round thepitch to give a damn!

If you want hilarious Tenerife stag doideas, bubble football will fit the bill. A change from the usual stagactivities like karting and quad biking, this is the game everyone wants toplay. Sign up for the funniest game of five-a-side you'll ever play.

In a nutshell:

  • Bubble football activity in Tenerife
  • 1 hour long
  • All equipment provided
  • Pitch hire included
  • Venue is in Costa Adeje, next to Playa delas Americas
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