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Tallinn Gangster Shooting

Unleash your inner Robert De Niro with the coolest Tallinn stag weekend sport on the circuit. If you're looking for an activity that packs a powerful punch, Gangster Shooting is the way to go. Anyone can take part and it supplies one hell of an adrenaline rush!

It's not every day you go on a Tallinn stag weekend. Estonia's shooting laws are significantly different from ours. Take advantage and get stuck into a shooting session you can't try back in Blighty.

The lads will never forget the day you all let rip with supercharged shotguns. Add Gangster Shooting to your Tallinn stag weekend and you'll be thanked for years to come.

Come on! How often do you get the chance to try something this awesome? Gangster Shooting includes:

  • 6 rounds from short tactical Winchester shotgun
  • 6 rounds from Saiga 12 - used by Russian Special Forces
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