Tallinn 5 A Side Football

Don't have the numbers for a full 11 a side match? Fancy keeping things small and hectic? Five a side is the ultimate stag weekend challenge, guaranteed to sweat off Estonian beers and get the chaps energised for another night in Tallinn Old Town!

Tallinn's iconic centre is split over two levels. A night out in the swanky bars will keep you fit, but not fit enough to burn off all the beer calories! Keep your energy levels up the only way a man knows how - by kicking a ball around a pitch while your mates try to take your legs out with an illegal two-footed tackle!

Five a side is more frantic, more energetic and more challenging than a standard game. With smaller team sizes, every chap in the lineup is required to fulfil defensive duties as well as attack. In stag weekend terms, that means more beer burned off and more room for a delicious medieval banquet later on!

The outside pitch is conveniently located for stags staying in central Tallinn, and is equipped with locker rooms. You'll also get refreshments, to help you relax and enjoy the post-game discussion!

A five a side football match is the ideal addition to a footie fan's stag weekend! If you play regularly at home, or just want to relive the glory days of playing in parks with jumpers for goal posts, this one should definitely be on your list.

In a nutshell:

  • Pitch and ball hire
  • Use of locker rooms
  • Refreshments
  • Return transfers
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