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Sheffield Whisky Tasting

Celebrate all that's wonderful about whisky with a whopper of a tasting session! Held in a busy bar in the centre of Sheffield, this combination of pub quiz and cheeky afternoon drink has something to please every chap in the stag party.

You'll start your tasting with a whisky cocktail, specially created to show off the versatility of a drink usually taken neat. Sip the refreshing goodness and swap old war stories. While you're reliving the big nights of the past, your private whisky waiter is preparing two blind tasting challenges!

Now comes the tricky bit. To correctly identify each type of whisky, or spot the prime quality stuff without a label to read, your stag party needs to pay attention to a pair of short lectures. Can you focus on the facts - or will you zone out and end up with the booby prize?

After each lecture, you'll get to sample three shots. The game is to spot the whisky your host asks you to find, using the information she's just given you.

Sounds easy, doesn't it. After six free whiskies, the ol' faculties aren't as sharp as you think!

Don't settle for just another afternoon in the pub, chaps. Liven things up and do something really interesting. When you're done, Sheffield's party-hearty evening atmosphere awaits. And you're already in a bar. Success!

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