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Sheffield Turbo Cricket

Edge of your seat cricket

Yes, really! Sheffield Turbo Cricket rips up the rule book and trims game play to just one hour. Nothing wrong with a test match but you're planning a stag weekend not a five-day event. You need something fast, fun and competitive that's going to get the adrenaline up and bond the lads. This game ticks all the boxes. It's cricket without the dull bits. Think lightning-fast overs, mega sixes for 10 runs, limitless batting, a joker you can play, and forfeits that can change the whole game in seconds.

You don't have to be anywhere near good enough to play for the Yorkshire Vikings. This is Sheffield Turbo Cricket, not the county championships. You've got to be prepared for anything though. Including bowling. Positions don't have to be set in stone. There isn't just one bowler per team. Every single one of you will bowl. Pick your positions carefully! But be prepared to switch at a moment's notice. Turbo Cricket is one crazy game.

Catches win matches

The games teacher's favourite, this old chestnut is true. The batsman is usually the star but a good fielder is worth his weight in gold. There will be epic dives. Faceplants and fails will happen. One unlucky batsman will probably take a hit in his box but the family jewels will be ok thanks to the fact that you play with a soft ball.

Everything is arranged for you and included in the cost, from pitch hire to cricket equipment and team bibs. Just bring trainers and your game faces.

In a nutshell:

  • Really fast cricket
  • Super overs for double runs
  • 6 = 10 runs
  • Pitch for 1 hour
  • Instructor
  • All the gear is provided
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