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Sheffield Steak Night

Stag weekends and steak go together like, well, big juicy plates of meat and chaps on tour. It's just a natural combination. You drink, you sleep, you go out on a crazy afternoon of adrenaline activities, and you end up starving. Avoid man-sulks by refuelling properly!

We've found a great venue in central Sheffield, which serves up the juiciest steaks in town. You get to choose different glazes or sauces, the plate is piled high with all the sides you'd expect from a meat feast, and there's even a beer thrown in for good measure.

Why mess around with menus, when you can organise a top-notch dinner for the chaps in seconds? Everyone loves steak. With this set meal option, you keep pricing simple and make sure everyone on the stag weekend gets at least one hearty feed!

Trying to sort out a table at a restaurant can be a tricky business. Sheffield's best eating houses get busy on Friday and Saturday nights, so turning up on spec with a big group of fellers isn't going to cut it. What you need is a plan.

Leave all the advance booking stuff to us, and you'll look like the best best man in the universe - without lifting a finger! Simply give us an approximate idea of numbers, we'll make the booking, and when we finalise everything nearer the stag weekend you can set numbers in stone.

Make no mistake, chaps, Sheffield is a big night out. Without a big meal to get the energy up, you might not make it to the end.

In a nutshell:

  • Steak dinner with beer
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