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Sheffield Powerturns

For chaps who want more oomph from their driving activities, Powerturns are the ultimate choice. As the boys from Top Gear said: if you're bored of quads and karts, Powerturns will get your adrenaline juices pumping again. And who are we to argue with the gods of all that goes vroom?

A Powerturn works in a completely different way to anything you've driven before - and that makes it great for a stag party that wants to ring the changes.

The two back wheels are individually driven by powerful engines, each one of which is controlled by a joystick. Push forwards to engage forward drive and backwards to reverse. By making one wheel drive forwards and one back, you can turn the buggy on a sixpence at insane speeds!

At our driving centre, a short distance away from Sheffield, we have both single and double seater Powerturns for your stag party to try. And in these bad boys, one is fun but two is the rush of a lifetime!

With one chap operating each joystick, total turning mayhem will ensue. Usually, stag parties end up doing involuntary donuts for at least 10 minutes, before the drivers have sorted out who's going in which direction when. Classic.

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