Riga Stripper Banquet

Decisions, decisions!

Some say it would be bad form to have a Riga stag weekend without naked chicks and a lesbian show with five or six girls. We'd have to agree! That's why the stripper banquet was created - to send grooms off in the time-honoured tradition.

His Riga stag weekend could be the last chance the groom gets to openly ogle hot bendy women getting it on with each other. It would be cruel not to include a decadent stripper banquet on the agenda!

So, what's it to be, gents? The classic stripper fest or the sexy Soviet nurse bonanza?

Here's what to expect from both...

Soviet Nurse:

  • 3-course meal
  • 5 shots of vodka
  • 5 girls
  • Lesbian nurse show
  • Strip club entry


  • 3-course meal
  • 5 beers
  • 6 girls
  • Lesbian show
  • VIP night club entry

Packages That Include This Activity:

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Riga Stag Do Ideas - Stripper Banquet
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