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Reading Sumo Wrestling

Looking for comedy genius Reading stag do ideas? Sumo wrestling will have the boys rolling around laughing-literally! Grab a padded sumo suit, step in the ring and edge your opponent out. The first to win three bouts wins the event. There's nothing funnier than watching a bunch of grown men in fat suits with top knots grappling, slipping and falling on their backsides. Charge your phones and fire up your cameras, chaps. This is begging to be recorded and shared on social media.

There's more to sumo wrestling than grappling. It's all about psyching the other guy out. Easier said than done when you're wearing a massive sumo suit. Get your head in the zone, raise your leg and stamp your feet like a proper sumo champ. Lock topknots and push with all your might. But that's a right mission as well because the suits are plastic, smooth and have no grip whatsoever. Doh!

If sumo wrestling sounds like your idea of a classic Reading stag do, give us your names and we'll get the suits out and the ring set up for you!

In a nutshell:

  • Sumo wrestling tournament
  • Padded suits with loincloths and top knots
  • Compete for the title of grand sumo master!
  • 2 teams of 8 people (maximum)
  • Activity site located just 10 minutes from Reading
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we are good to go, visit England
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