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Reading Human Table Football

If you're looking for funny team events for a Reading stag do, human table football is the one. You've played pub table football loads. Now you can get right in the game and take the places of the plastic players. Enter the big inflatable arena and grab the pole. You'll be attached to it with Velcro hand straps. Taking possession of the ball is tricky enough; never mind getting it past the goal. Split into teams and hit the pitch for the funniest, most frustrating game of five-a-side you'll ever play!

The guys at the site run human table football tournaments for up to four teams. The matches are fast and fun, which keeps the energy and excitement levels up. The ideal number per team is five or six. The maximum is eight.

No football talent required. It doesn't matter if some of the guys coming on the Reading stag do are rubbish. Human table football is all about team work and patience. The poles only move from side-to-side and seeing as you're all strapped on, you'll have to move as one. This is no time for individual glory! Forget about showing off and bagging man of the match. Pull in different directions and it's game over. Coordination and timing are key. Will your team pull together or end up all over the place?

In a nutshell:

  • Human table football tournament
  • Giant version of the classic pub game
  • Big inflatable arena fitted with poles for players
  • Velcro hand straps attach players to poles
  • League-style competition
  • Maximum of 4 teams of 8 people
  • Foam ball
  • Outdoor activity site 10 minutes from Reading
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  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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