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Reading Catwalk

This aerial challenge will have you quaking in your hi-tops! Can you make it across a catwalk that's 5m high and the width of your foot? How about the 10m high one? Climb the pole, stand on the ledge and face the fear. Will you put a tentative foot on the catwalk and inch across tentatively or not think too hard and just walk across like a badass? A good sense of balance is a must but it takes more than that to smash the catwalk challenge. You will need balls of steel and the burning desire to do it. If you want a real adrenaline rush on your Reading stag party, catwalk will do the trick.

The venue is a stunner. You will face the catwalk at a fantastic outdoor activity site surrounded by parkland and woodland. Professional instructors will be waiting to kit you out with safety gear and show you what to do. Just turn up and go for it! Get warmed up on the 5m catwalk and then graduate to the big leagues and tackle the 10m one if you're feeling confident.

If you don't let yourself be beaten by fear and like testing your boundaries, you'll love the catwalk.

In a nutshell:

  • 5m high catwalk
  • Width of your foot
  • Option to go up a level to a 10m high catwalk
  • Professional instructors
  • All equipment and safety gear supplied*Usually combined with other activities as part of a package
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