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Reading Beer Goggle Football

Planning a Reading stag? Want something that'll spin the boys right out? Beer goggle football will twist your melon and make you cry laughing. In this sport, no one shines. Everyone is really, really poor. We're talking tragic. And that's the point. Every man on the pitch plays football and a few other games wearing drinking goggles strapped to his head. So you know it's going to be the best and worst game ever. There are 10 goggles and a bunch of fun games to play. Your event instructor will run the lot because you certainly won't be able to!

Have a massive "Whoa!" moment when you first put on your goggles and the world goes fuzzy and wobbly. Anyone would think you'd just done the Friar Street pub crawl and then changed into your kit and hoped no one would notice. Only you're sober (well, hungover) so there's no excuse except one: you can't really see stuff all that well. But you'll still face a load of challenges, like keeping a straight face, passing, dribbling, kicking the ball round the cones, and trying your damnedest to take a penalty. From directly in front of the goal. At a point from which it would be embarrassing to miss. You will.

This is a Reading stag do not a kids' birthday party. You've got to have something properly bonkers in there. Something that'll make the lads cry laughing and get competitive. The funniest game you'll play all year, beer goggle football takes the beautiful game to the next level. It has to be experienced at least once in every player's career!

In a nutshell:

  • Beer goggle football games
  • Instructor to coordinate the activity
  • 1 hour at the venue
  • Equipment is provided
  • Bottle of bubbly
  • Group photo
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Packages That Include This Activity

Balls and Babes
Whats Included...
  • Beer Goggle Football
  • Old School Sports Day
  • Bar Crawl Babes
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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