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Puerto Banus Nude Life Drawing

Get your pencils ready, boys! We've come up with an awesome alternative to the traditional stag weekend strip show. Even the strictest wife will have to give this one a pass, because it's all in the name of art and culture.

We'll send a completely naked model to your apartment in Puerto Banus, accompanied by a drawing instructor and a bunch of art materials. Your job is to sketch her in a variety of pleasing poses. In other words, it's your basic life drawing class, but instead of painting someone's granddad you get to practice the fine art of perspective on a beautiful, 20- or 30-something woman. Genius!

It doesn't matter how under the thumb the groom is. No-one can stop him from broadening his artistic horizons! And hey, it isn't his fault this life drawing class focuses on a perfectly-proportioned hottie.

You've got an hour or two to get your eye in, and the drawing instructor is there to help you make the most of your subject. Learn all about vanishing points, line and shade as you bring her best assets to life on the page!

Fun, saucy and completely different, nude life drawing is the perfect way to bring some naked lady-bits into the stag weekend. Live the Bohemian lifestyle for a couple of hours!

In a nutshell:

  • Art teacher and drawing materials
  • Fully nude model
  • Glass of Cava included
  • At your accommodation or in a private room in Puerto Banus
  • Why not stitch up the stag and make him be the life model, ask your stag planners for details.
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