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Puerto Banus Jeep Safari

Rollin', in your five point oh, with the rag top down so your hair can blow! OK, so you're not actually in a convertible and Vanilla Ice is probably nowhere to be seen. But you get the picture. Cruise into Puerto Banus like you own the place courtesy of a gangsta Jeep ride.

Puerto Banus is all about the style, so show the locals you can keep up with them! Tricked out, tuned up and lowered, these rides are the pooch's pyjamas. Turn up the tunes, roll down the windows so the honeys can see what flava you're purveying, and make the kind of entrance you always wanted to. All you need now is a box full of doves and a tux, and you're totally Jump Street.

There's more than one way to start off your stag weekend, but we reckon pimping it into Puerto like hip hop stars has to be top of the list. After all, how many times in a man's life does he get to make like he's Kanye or Jay Z?

You won't find a more exclusive stag weekend destination in Spain. Do Banus justice from the start with a gangsta Jeep ride. True dat.

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