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Puerto Banus Beach Games

Got hangovers? You won't have them for long! Grab a heap of beach games equipment, head to the sand, and mess around in the sun for a while. You'll soon forget you ever had a headache!

Puerto Banus is one of the most stunning stag party destinations in Europe. Think epic coastline, supercars cruising the strip, and supermodels in bikinis. Don't waste your Saturday lying in bed with the curtains drawn! We'll drop off an epic collection of beach games kit at your accommodation. All you have to do is put some shorts and sunscreen on, find some shades, and stake out your spot on the beach.

We've got the kit you need for playing all the classics. Set up a volleyball net, and impress passing movie stars with your mad skills and well-defined guns. Mark out a footie pitch and kick a ball around. Or go for beach rounders if you want to get maximum muscle exposure without actually doing any exercise...

Beach games rule. They're the perfect way to ease into a stag party Saturday in Puerto Banus! Mess around with your mates, check out the ladies, and get competitive.

In a nutshell:

  • Beach games equipment delivered to your accommodation in Puerto Banus
  • Beach volleyball nets, stand and ball
  • Bat and ball
  • Football
  • Frisbee
  • Available year round
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