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Stunt car with driver in

Prague Smash the Car

Smash, bash, crash on your Prague stag do!

Prague Smash the Car does the stag need to take out some aggression as he waves goodbye to the single life? You can't go wrong with an afternoon of total annihilation! It's an unforgettable experience where you and the lads go to work dismantling an automobile. Bye, bye stress, wedding woes, cold feet and hangovers. Hello, adrenaline!

You don't need any experience smashing cars and there won't be any penalties for absolutely ravaging this beast! Ideal for the second day of a stag weekend when the hangovers are riding high, this event will put the lads in the right frame of mind for another mental night out on the town. It's just what you need lads, so what are you waiting for?

Blow off some steam with your stag party in Prague...

We'll take care of sorting everything out, you just need to bring the aggression! When you arrive at the activity centre, you'll be taken through a safety briefing prior to beginning. The staff will hand out helmets, safety glasses and gloves before you begin and give you a variety of tools to choose from. Will you go for the axe and cleave pieces of car off? Baseball bat to have that Taylor Swift feel from the video or just go mental with a sledgehammer? The options are immense, lads and you're going to love every minute of it.

Get a before picture of what the car looked like and make sure you get an after shot for comedy effect! Tell the lads to wear clothes they don't mind getting dirty and sturdy shoes. You won't want to smash something off and it land on your foot! If you've been searching for something completely different from the standard stag party activities, you've found it!

In a nutshell:?

  • Prague Smash the Car
  • No experience needed
  • Car for destruction
  • Tools: baseball bats, sledgehammers, axes & more
  • Safety briefing
  • Helmet, gloves & safety glasses included
  • Beer
  • English-speaking guide
  • Transfers included
  • Allow 1hr for this activity
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