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Prague Indoor Sky Diving

Fed up of trying to get the chaps to stump up for a massive "once in a lifetime" stag weekend gift they probably can't afford? Take the sensible route, and give the whole crew a present instead. For the terminal adrenaline junkie and bargain-hunter alike, there's nothing like an indoor skydive to make you go "waaaaaaaargh!"

This is one of the finest tricks in any stag weekend's itinerary. An indoor skydive gives you about 85 percent of the thrills of a jump from a plane, without any of the tedious expense and travel times. Plus, of course, you don't have to jump out of an actual plane!

Don't be fooled into thinking that indoor skydiving is a soft option. It still takes guts to hurl yourself into an inverted wind tunnel, so make sure you've got the right head on when you leave your accommodation. The jump site is just 25 minutes away from Prague city centre, in our transfer vehicles: that's 25 mins to psych yourselves up for leaping into space and hoping the power fan turns on!

That's how indoor skydiving works. A huge fan set into the base of a wind cylinder creates a powerful updraft, which holds you in the air as you "fall". When you get good at it, you can even change the angle of your body to travel, just like a superhero in mid flight.

You'll feel all the thrill of falling unaided through the air, and there's always that extra satisfaction of knowing the jump cost a fraction of the price of an outdoor skydive. Amazing.

In a nutshell:

  • Return transfers
  • Guide
  • 2 flights per person
  • Each flight lasts 1.5 minutes
From Only £118.00 per Person
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