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Palma Stripper

Little-known fact: Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic islands, which makes it the official HQ of everything hedonistic, everywhere! No wonder the strippers are so awesome...

Unlike some of its island neighbours, Palma has a sophisticated streak a mile wide. As well as banging bars and clubs, you'll find upmarket venues and swanky cocktail bars. And where trendy guys in suits go, high class boobies are sure to follow!

We can sort a stripper or multiple strippers for your stag party, whether you want performances in the comfort and privacy of your accommodation or out and about in the bars and clubs. Prices are agreed in advance, and are always reasonable - and the girls are spectacular.

Best men, you owe it to your groom to give him one last eyeful! Why not arrange for a couple of accommodating ladies to get naked on the taxi ride into town? Or how about presenting him with a "maid" who's come to clean his room, and who gets a bit saucy with the duster?

By booking your erotic entertainers in advance, you know you're getting a quality show. Avoid nasty surprises, and enjoy every minute!

From Only £38.00 per Person
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