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Palma Bubble Football

Take to the pitch in Palma with your stag party!

Ok. Ok, so Palma may not have the hottest football team on the planet, but that doesn't mean they love the beautiful game any less. Don't be fooled though, lads! Palma Bubble Football isn't your bog standard five a side on the pitch. It's a hilarious twist which the lads will love, and remember long after the wedding bells ring. What are you waiting for? Suit up!

It doesn't matter whether your stag party is full of Beckham greats or they play like your Great Aunt. This game truly levels the playing field for everyone. You don't need a famous left foot to make a play for goal - that's if you can even score with an open goal while wearing a orb which covers you from head to knees. With only your legs hanging out, it's wicked difficult to keep your balance let alone make a strike.

Wobble around on your Palma stag do...

Stag weekends are all about hilarious moments and bubble football won't disappoint. Sound like your kind of stag party activity? Give us the nod. We'll get it all sorted out for you before you arrive on the island. All you have to do is get the lads out of bed, out of the bars and down to the pitch for your time slot. Easy!

When you arrive at the pitch, you'll be greeted by a friendly event coordinator who will hand out the zorbs, split your stag party into two teams and get the game started. When you hit the pitch you won't know what hit you! Everyone will be bouncing around every which way, rolling and laughing until their sides hurt. It'll be one helluva way to spend daylight on the second day of your stag weekend.

In a nutshell:

  • Palma Bubble Football
  • Pitch hire, zorbs, ball & event coordinator included
  • Beginners welcome
  • Allow 1hr for this activity
  • Ask your hen party planner for further details
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