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Nottingham Vodka Tasting

Get to know the most popular spirit on earth with this slice of stag weekend genius - a six shot vodka tasting session in a busy Nottingham bar!

You'll be introduced to rarities and legendary brands, and asked to identify blind shots in two tricky challenges. Who will prove king of the vodka boffs - and who's going home with the booby prize?

Your tasting session starts with a free cocktail, muddled up by some of Nottingham's most talented mixologists. Get into the swing of the afternoon as you regale each other with tales of your most embarrassing nights on the voddy, and, more importantly, reveal the groom's worst ever vodka-related incidents!

Meanwhile, an inhouse vodka expert is setting up your challenges. She'll deliver two fascinating lectures on the subject of vodka - its creation, its history, its science and the urban legends surrounding it. Your job is to down your shots and identify them using your newly acquired knowledge. The more you drink, the harder it gets!

This is an outstanding way to kick off the big night of your Nottingham stag weekend. Recover from Friday with a few shorts, and get into the mood for more bars and clubs. When you've finished your vodka tasting, you'll already be in the thick of things. What more could you want?!

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