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Nottingham Military Vehicle Driving

Military vehicle driving near Nottingham? Hell yeah! If you're planning a Nottingham stag weekend, this has to be done. We've found an off road activity site with a bunch of badass military vehicles used by the British and Russian armies. There's a truck, a tank, an amphibious beast, and an ATV that can conquer any territory. Choose two, learn how to drive them, and then take them out for a spin.

Once you've made your selection, it's time to go back to driving school. Only this time it will be awesome! Military vehicle driving is a completely different kind of driving experience. It takes guts, skill, and control to tame vehicles used by the Special Forces and British Army. Reckon your driving skills are up to snuff? It's time to find out and settle that ultimate question: which man is the best driver?

So, what's it to be? Will you take the Russian armoured patrol car out or are you more of a 4x4 truck kind of guy? The tank is one of the most popular choices. The star of the collection, this bad boy has an air cannon. Imagine being able to say you drove a real tank on your Nottingham stag weekend! Military vehicle driving will give you one hell of a power trip. Sign up and play with some really big boys toys.

In a nutshell:

  • 40 minutes of military vehicle driving
  • Select 2 vehicles from a list of 4
  • Training from experienced instructors
  • Free admission to the vehicle museum
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