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Two men taking part in life drawing on canvas'.

Nottingham Life Drawing Stag Stitch Up

Sketch and Sip: Stag Weekend Life Drawing Extravaganza

Alright, lads, brace yourselves for a stag weekend experience that’s going to make your artistic sides come alive- life drawing! Picture this: you and the lads, pencils in hand, ready to have a stag weekend to remember! Its not your typical stag do, but hey, who said art cant be a bit cheeky?

You’ll kick off this 1.5 hour class in a private studio. The place is decked out with all the gear you need – paper, pencils and whatever else the art wizards throw into the mix. No need to worry about bringing your own stuff, they’ve got you covered. Now imagine an art tutor who's seen it all – the good, the bad, and the downright hilarious attempts at capturing the essence of the human form. They're there to guide you through the finer points of sketching, so even if you're more stick-figure Picasso than renaissance master, you'll leave with a masterpiece. Or at least a pretty decent doodle .

Canvas and Cheers: Life Drawing Fun for Stag Do

And heres the kicker – the stag is your model! That’s right, hes centre stage, striking poses that'll have you alternating between bouts of laughter and intense concentration. Its all about celebrating the groom to be in the most artistic way possible – think Michelangelos David, but with a pint in the hand. At the end of this artist adventure, you and the lads will be awarded certificates, because lets be honest, you’ve just created a masterpiece ( or a hilarious caricature) that deserves recognition.

So, for a stag weekend that’s a bit left-field, a bit risqué, and a whole lot of fun, dive into the world of life drawing. It’s the perfect blend of art, laughter, and celebrating your mates impending wedding! Cheers to the groom!


- 1.5-hour class

- Private studio hire

- Paper and all drawing materials

- Art tutor

- ‘Stag as the Model'

- Certificates

- Minimum group size of 10 required 

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