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Male looking to shoot in archery

Nottingham Human Target Archery

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball”  

Nottingham Human Target Archery is the ultimate combination of archery and dodgeball. Sound terrifying? Dodging arrows? Lads, don’t worry the arrows will have foam tips and you will all be given face guards so a safe epic combat game is on the cards. Target who you want, everyone is in the firing line. But will the groom be the main target, he may wish he never got you to organise the stag party after he has been the human target for the duration of the activity. Bonus points at the ready if you get the groom! 

Expect this to last around half an hour meaning it is the perfect activity to add into the itinerary to get the lads out and dodging the hangover. We know how precious the minutes are on the stag weekend – every hour is crucial. Beer o’clock is anytime.

Winning = Everything 

Lads, follow the 5 rules of dodgeball and you will never get hit by one of the other lads in this energetic combat game. Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge. Be ready to jump and dive on the floor to stay away from the incoming arrows. Discover the true Robin Hood of the group, who is the best at shooting and hitting the targets. The venue is located close to the city centre so getting there is easy!

A stag weekend is all about being big kids for the day or weekend. Do you remember playing dodgeball at school with your friends –well now you can recreate this but even better and more competitive than before. If you want an activity that will make you all laugh continuously then Human Target Archery is a no brainer. 

In a nutshell:

Allow up to half hour for this activity

Closed toed shoes only

Ultimate combination of archery and dodgeball 

Close to the city centre 

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