Nottingham Human Table Football

Footy collides with fun on a stag do in Nottingham!

Want to inject a whole lot of fun and comedy gold into your stag party and bond with the boys in no time flat? Get the lads involved in our Nottingham Human Table Football. You read that right! It's hilarious and the lads are going to remember this long after the groom's big day.

You've had a go on the table-sized pub version; now, find out what it feels like to be one of those little plastic men on a stick. Human Table Football is one of the funniest stag do activities on the menu, and you can challenge all the chaps to a match right here in Robin Hood's 'hood.

Bring your sense of humour on a Nottingham stag weekend...

The set-up is total genius. Split your stag party into two teams, and get the guys lined up behind life-sized versions of foosball poles. Attached to these poles, players can only move from side to size. Even the slickest winger in the team will find his natural ability means absolutely nothing, when he's trying to control the balls whilst shuffling sideways with four other lads!

The Human Table Football pitch is an inflatable five-a-side version, complete with blow-up goals. If you've had a few beers down Market Square the night before, you'll be glad of those soft sides. Even attached to the poles, it's pretty common to see men ending up on the floor. If five-a-side is your go-to Sunday morning favourite, we reckon you'll have a blast. If it isn't, this event levels the playing field so effectively that you'll love it anyway! Get your teams sorted, chuck the ball in and prepare for legendary hilarity.

In a nutshell:

  • Nottingham Human Table Football
  • Just outside the city centre
  • Beginners welcome
  • Blow-up pitch, Foosball pole & goals
  • Ball
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