Nottingham Football Medley

Make it at Nottingham stag weekend Brian Clough would be proud of with a hat trick of football activities in Sherwood Forest! Get on the pitch for giant table football in a priceless twist on the classic pub game. Fire up the banter machine with bubble football, and see if you can score under pressure in a tense penalty shoot-out.

Giant table football is a proper test of team work. You've done it in the pub, now it's your turn to be the plastic players. Only this time, you're on an inflatable pitch. Every man on the team needs to pull in the same direction or the whole thing goes to pot. You know the drill; side-to-side but not forwards or backwards. Just getting possession of the ball is a right mission. Ideal for a Nottingham stag weekend, giant table football will have you laughing and swearing in equal measures.

Next up we've got bubble football, the funniest activity for a Nottingham stag weekend. Climb into giant plastic cocoons and crash into your mates as you make hilarious attempts to tackle, dribble, and score. Make sure the stag gets sent off every five minutes, and send him rolling round the pitch at every available opportunity.

Your final Football Medley challenge is a penalty shoot out. Will you put it in the back of the net or send it way wide of the mark?

They think it's all is now! When you've smashed all three football challenges, there's only one thing for it - pub. No Nottingham stag weekend would be complete without a session in the Lace Market, where you'll find some of England's oldest boozers.

In a nutshell:

  • 3 activities in one package
  • Giant table football
  • Bubble football
  • Penalty shoot out
  • Allow around 2.5 hours for all three activities

Packages That Include This Activity:

Nottingham Stag Do Ideas - Football Medley
Full On Footy

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