Nottingham Driving Experience

Put your foot down with your stag party in Nottingham...

Do you want something that'll keep all the lads entertained during they daytime on your stag weekend? Not into sightseeing? Don't want to do the typical stag party activities of bowling, paintball or laser tag? We've got just the thing to get your adrenaline levels to their max, have the lads ready for a massive night out in the Lace Market and Hockley and have your boys bonded in double quick time; it's the Nottingham Driving Experience and it's massive!

For a stag who's a bit of a petrol head or one who just loves to put the pedal to the metal, this activity is going to make him well impressed. When your stag party arrives at the activity centre, just outside the city centre, you'll be greeted by a group of professional instructors who are brilliant with big groups. Go through a safety briefing, get kitted out in any required safety gear and get ready for face-melting speeds!

Hit the speed barrier on a Nottingham stag weekend!

First up are the Rage Buggies. Say hello to the fastest kart in the UK with excellent handling, melon twisting speeds and quick cornering. You'll be given instructions on how to operate the karts before being let loose on a purpose built track to find out which of your stag party is the fastest. Next, you'll get into the driver's seat of the Powerturn. Forget everything you thought you knew about driving; it all goes out the window with this bonkers contraption. There's no steering wheel to speak of, no pedals to make you go faster, just two levers which control the two back wheels separately. Get the combination right and you'll be doing donuts so fast your head will spin.

You'll finish your day with two hilarious activities in one. Get the smartphone cameras out because the sight of the big lad on a miniature quad bike speeding around a track is a sight you'll want to capture or posterity. Finally, its a relay race that'll have you rethinking your strategy as you're strapped into a bungee on an inflatable runway. By the end of your event, the lads will be pumped ready to hit the bars, pubs and clubs of Market Square.

In a nutshell:

  • Nottingham Driving Experience
  • Short drive from the city centre
  • Professional instruction
  • Experienced, qualified instructors
  • Safety briefing & gear included
  • Rage Buggies - 45 mins
  • Powerturns - 45mins
  • Micro Quads & Bungee Run - 45mins together
  • Finish up with a fizz spray
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