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Nottingham Battlezone Archery

Dodgeball meets archery in the best mashup known to man: Battlezone Archery. You used to have to go right out in the sticks for this but now you can do it on a Nottingham stag party. The aim of the game is to eliminate the players from the other team or hit their cones. When you've achieved one or the other, you've won the game. The arrows have soft rubber tips and you get protective masks so you can unleash the old hunter warrior spirit without seriously messing up your mates. Points are awarded for each target taken down and ball hit. You have 10 minutes before the whistle blows and you switch ends for a different game.

As this is a team event aimed squarely at groups like stag parties, there are a couple of twists. We won't spoil it but you can bet the stag is in for a couple of surprises out there! Event instructors will set it all up, give out the weapons and explain the rules in full before you begin.

Deliver payback. Settle scores. Go into battle for bragging rights. Gang up on the stag. Relive your favourite fight scenes from Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. It's all good.

You've got to do something archery-related on a Nottingham stag. Battlezone Archery takes the classic sport and adds war to the mix. There's no way the lads will forget this. Grab a bow and arrow, and jump into the fray.

In a nutshell:

  • Battlezone Archery event in Nottingham
  • Eliminate the other team and hit cones to score points
  • 5 games to a match
  • Variety of paintball and dodgeball-style games
  • Can be run as a single match or tournament for larger groups
  • Event instructors
  • Arrows have soft rubber tips
  • Protective headgear and all other necessary equipment is provided
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