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Old race car with smoke coming off wheels

Newcastle Stunt Driving

Newcastle isn't all beer, deep-fried Mars bars and loud lasses on the piss. By day, the Toon's your oyster and she's waiting to be cracked. If you're up for some petrol based fun, might we recommend a stunt driving course?

The perfect afternoon activity for a Newcastle stag weekend, a stunt driving afternoon puts you and the boys in the driving seat for some real big screen moments. Expert tutors are on hand to put you through your paces with famous car chase stunts including the handbrake turn, the donut and the power slide parallel park. Can you pull off an Elwood Blues and flip your stunt car around into a tight parking space, smoke pouring from your tyres?

You get all sorts of goodies to go with the main event on your stunt driving afternoon. Your friendly hosts will ply you with as many hot drinks as you like - the perfect antidote to last night's hangover! - and the boys get to play on a professional racing simulator while they're waiting for their turn. Plus there's a debriefing and presentation at the end, and everyone gets to have a go at the donut challenge. How many successful skids can you pull off in the amazing purpose built six wheeler?

Available for private bookings only. 

Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all activities and packages available in Newcastle.

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