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Group from a stag party enjoying the party bus looking dapper in suits.

Krakow Party Bus

Some stag weekend activities have names thatmake you go, 'what's that all about, then?' Not this one! Get the chaps in arow and pile them onto the hardest-partying bus in the whole of Krakow. This isgoing to be epic.

There's plenty to see in historic Krakow.Unfortunately for any history buffs in your party, the most you're going tolook out the window is never. Because inside your boozy party bus, there areboatloads of beer and vodka. Also a stripper.

They don't do things by halves in Krakow. If youwant to upgrade your party bus from awesome to legendary, all you have to do issay the word!

Dance to the on-board sound system. Hang outwith a stripper. And toast the groom a million times over, withbeer, vodka, or bubbly. Told you it was going to be epic!

In a nutshell:

    • Luxury party bus
    • LCD screens, disco lights
    • Sound system
    • 1 vodka shot each
    • Bottle of bubbly
    • 2 beers per person
    • Strip show
    • Local guide
    From Only £75.00 per Person
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