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Krakow Oil Wrestling Babes

Naked chicks. Oil. Wrestling. Need we say more?

This is one of the most popular stag weekendpranks we supply in Krakow. It's got that elusive winning formula of being justas fun for the stag as it is for everyone else, and it frequently appears onthe wish lists of our customers! For starters, everyone gets to watch as hotPolish girls dressed in nearly nothing roll around in a wrestling ring covered inoil. And then there's the groom participation. There are few things funnierthan watching your best mate get beaten up by ladies!

The laugh isn't just on the stag, though. Afterall, he's the one who gets to grapple with a hottie's slippery bits! While youlot are standing around mocking him, he's got at least two pairs of breasts inhis face. Who's chuckling now?

You can't watch oil wrestling without beer. Sowe've thrown in a couple of cold ones for every feller on the stag weekend.Toast the groom, or toast the ladies. And enjoy the finest sport in Krakow.This one's worth every penny!

In a nutshell:

  • Stitch up the stag
  • Oily lady wrestling in Krakow
  • 3 rounds
  • Stag gets in the ring for the third round
  • 2 beers each
  • Local guide to show you around
From Only £54.00 per Person
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