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Dog being held with mouth open

Krakow Dog Chase

Krakow Dog Chase the stag do stitch-up to end them all, Stag Dog Chase does exactly what it says on the tin! Wrap your groom up in a bite-proofoutfit, slap a helmet on his head, and give him a headstart. Then set the dogson him, literally!

This one takes place at Krakow's K9 trainingcentre, where your best mate will be chased down by an experienced securitydog. We've arranged for two dog handlers to be in close attendance-they givethe orders, and the groom picks up his heels and legs it!

This is one of those stag do pranks you have tobe sure about. If the big man's afraid of dogs, don't do it. When you're beinghunted down by half a ton of attack dog, even if you're wearing a protectiveoutfit and it's trained to stop on command, sh*t gets real. Know your stag. Ifhe can take the punishment, or if you think he'll enjoy getting slam-dunked bya German Shepherd, book now and get the smartphones ready for YouTube uploads!But if you have any doubts, ask our stag do co-ordinators before you proceed.

This insane stag do prank lasts for 10pant-wetting minutes. Krakow is one of the only places in the world we've seenthis available. Release the hounds!

In a nutshell:

  • Bite-proof outfit and helmet
  • 2 professional dog handlers
  • 10 minutes being chased by a German Shepherd
  • Local lady guide
  • 25 mins transfer (one way)
From Only £29.00 per Person
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