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Historic building in Kiev

Kiev Stag Do Activities & Party Ideas

Kiev Stag Do the best thing about Kiev stag weekends is the element of forbidden fruit that's just begging to be sampled. No, we're not talking about the girls this time. Folks, we proudly boast the most tempting activities on the stag menu.

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Pick from one of our Kiev Stag Party Activities Below

Kiev stag weekends are awesome when it comes to both indoor and outdoor pursuits. Crack on with Hardcore Shooting and discover the delights of being able to fire away with pistols, revolvers, sniper rifles, and even Kalashnikovs! Kiev stag dos up for a shot of adrenaline will get a huge hit of the right stuff with Shooting.

Tank Driving is another must for Kiev stag parties. Team it with shooting and you'll be best man of the year. Spend an afternoon off-roading in some challenging terrain in a real armoured vehicle. On Kiev stag weekends, everyone will get a shot at controlling one of these green goddesses, and it's an experience that will stay with you for years. It's worth every single Euro.

With Quad Biking and Sphering bringing up the rear, it's little wonder Kiev has soared up the popularity charts. They do booze and bravery brilliantly.

After a day of blood-pumping pursuits, everyone will be well up for seeing if the clubbing scene's up to scratch. Let the lads loose in this city and you'll get more than you bargained for. Kiev stag weekends have everything from commercial cheese to underground clubs to check out. If you want to keep clubbing simple, let us arrange VIP Night Club Entry before you fly. This gives Kiev stags access to the city's leggy dancing divas without the usual hassle on the door. Sweet.

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