Kiev Sphering

Fancy rolling down a hill at top speed in a massive inflatable ball? Course you do!

Up for doing something utterly bonkers on a Kiev stag weekend. Activities don't come much madder than sphering. Laugh at your mates screaming like little girls - until it's your turn! Even the hardiest of blokes can't help but scream on the 90-metre descent.

Defy gravity and discover what it's like to bowl down a hill at speeds of up to 27mph! You'll be strapped in and perfectly safe - it's a bit like a rollercoaster ride, only way better.

There's no better way to blow off steam on a Kiev stag weekend. Get the blood pumping and crank up the adrenaline with an activity that's unlike anything else out there. Emerge buzzing and gagging for another go. Sphering includes:

  • Sphere rental
  • 2 rides per person
  • Return transfers

Looking for a completely unique package?

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