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Orange sky over a sailboat on the Med. Discover Ibiza Stag Party ideas below:

Ibiza Stag Do Activities & Party Ideas

What happens on an Ibiza stag do, stays on it!

Ibiza Stag Do if you're the guy planning a top notch single life send off for the big lad, choosing Ibiza will make him proud. Whilst on the White Isle, you'll no doubt meet masses of fellow partygoers who're all there for the same reason as you are - to have a completely bonkers blowout under the sun! If partying with like minded people is just what you're looking for, why not join them on board a bangin' boat party?

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Just because the sun's still high in the sky doesn't mean you can't get your dance and drink on. Ibiza is famous for her boat parties and leaving one out would be like going down the pub and not having a pint. Criminal! Here, you can do it all - relax, sunbathe, enjoy a glass of Sangria or Champagne, eat some lunch and meet a few new, bikini-clad friends! Come on, lads; it's the stags final fling before the ring, you might as well make it massive!

Go wild on a stag weekend in Ibiza...

If you're feeling a little worse for wear after your first night out on the White Isle, why not go for a pampering session at a luxurious local spa? It's just what the stag doctor ordered for getting rid of any pre-wedding stress or if your just in the mood to be pampered a bit. If you decide this is the place you want to whisk the stag off for his final fling before the ring, there's going to be one reason why you came here - the nightlife! This place is renowned for her nightlife, the superclubs, the beach parties and the world-class DJs spinning the Summer's hottest tracks on the decks. With countless bars, clubs and pubs on offer, you'll be spoilt for choice wherever you go.

Many places in Ibiza have a theme, music taste and enough drink promotions to keep you going 'til the sun comes up. If you fancy trying to cram in as many venues as possible, why not plan a bar crawl for your stag party? Many of the clubs and bars are open 'til the very early hours of the morning, so there's no need to worry that your night out will be cut short.

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