Hamburg Best Stag Do Party Strippers

Give us the nod and we'll add a gorgeous stripper to your stag party package. This is a stag do not a tea party! You're in Hamburg, a city with a famous Red Light District. At some point, naked ladies are going to put in an appearance. A private show from a hot fraulein will get the party started and give the groom a chance to have a good old ogle before he says: " I do".

We will get a stripper to come and surprise the groom in a private room of a restaurant or bar in Hamburg city centre. Picture the scene: the groom's just polished off his Hamburg steak and chips, when the door opens and in struts a stunner in a sexy outfit, wiggling her bits and flashing a saucy smile! She singles him out for some extra special treatment and the fun and games begin. We're talking boobs slathered with whipped cream, cuffs - the works.

We've been booking strippers for stag weekends for over 15 years so you can be sure that yours will be a hottie! Leave this side of things to us, sit back, chill and feel smug as the boys congratulate you on your superb organisation skills!

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