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Hamburg Hot Rod City Tour

Hot rods are the only way to see Hamburg! Travel around Germany's most relaxed and alternative city (after Berlin) in style, with a fleet of mini hot rods.

These awesome little machines mix everything that's cool about hot rods with everything that's great about more modern vehicles! They're purpose-built, so they're reliable and comfortable. They're also easy to steer, unlike the real deal. But they look exactly like a proper hot rod, and that means you'll be turning heads wherever you drive.

A top-notch addition to a Hamburg stag weekend, this city tour is as much about having fun behind the wheel as it is about stopping at monuments. Your route has been carefully worked out so you maximise fun driving time and see as many of the city's best bits as you can.

Everything about these 'Ur-Rods' is designed to attract attention! The flared body lines, the massive front grille, the imposing spoiler... despite their small size, these rods make a big impression. Go slow and steady through the streets, and you'll be the centre of attention in no time!

No Hamburg stag weekend would be complete without a tour of the major sights and areas like the Reeperbahn, the world's most sinful mile! Climb into your micro machine, and hit the roads.

In a nutshell:

  • 90 minute tour of Hamburg
  • Mini hot rods
  • Instruction
  • Fully insured
  • Safety gear
  • Minimum 6 people
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