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Gdansk Vodka Tasting

A Gdansk stag weekend without vodka tasting would be like Bristol without cider, France without champagne, Spain without sangria. You see what we're getting at, right? You're in Poland, a place that produces some of the finest vodkas in the world. They're true connoisseurs of the spirit. This is a great way to get into vodka. An expert will guide you through a tasting that includes five different vodkas and let you in on a few facts that will make you look like a sophisticated chap at parties.

No pretentious waffling! This is vodka tasting on a Gdansk stag weekend. It's fun and laid back. The point is to try a few Polish vodkas with your mates and get a little vodka knowledge under your belts. Think entertaining, not stuffy. This is the kind of session that makes you think about a drink in a new light. Find out all sorts of interesting facts you never knew about one of the world's top-selling spirits. Each vodka is different. Find out why and get your head round some amazing vodka trivia. Did you know that vodka means 'water of life'? Or that vodka was once used to produce gun powder? Over the centuries, it's been used as a perfume and an antiseptic in times of war.

Vodka tasting is a great way to keep the boys entertained and very appropriate for a Gdansk stag weekend. Drink vodka. Eat delicious snacks that compliment it. Learn a bit of lingo and get your facts straight. What's not to love?

In a nutshell:

  • Vodka tasting in Gdansk
  • Central venue
  • Vodka expert leads you through a fun, entertaining session
  • 5 vodkas for you to taste
  • Cheese and meat snacks
  • Guide
From Only £46.00 per Person
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