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Gdansk Sexy Wake Up Call

Here's how you give your bro a Grade-A sendoff: ask us to get a stripper disguised as a housekeeper to surprise him in his hotel room! Get the boys in on it, ask them to throw in a few quid each, and watch him come out of the hotel with a massive grin on his face. We set everything up before the Gdansk stag do. You take the credit for the best naughty but nice stunt in living memory. Everyone knows Gdansk girls are traffic-stopping hot. Fantastic boobs, perky asses, sexy hair and smouldering come to bed eyes. This is one of those times when it would be rude not to.

A sexy wakeup call is for the stag's eyes only. You will be clubbing together to treat him to a private show for which we're pretty sure he'll be eternally grateful! It's something he won't be expecting and it's different from the standard strip or lap dancing club. More intimate and something that'll definitely make an impression. Although we can sort lap dancing club entry in Gdansk or Sopot of course!

Usually, a wakeup call involves some sort of shock that makes you stop and think about life. Well, this is a Gdansk stag do and we'll have none of that navel-gazing stuff thanks very much! Just tell us when and where you'll be staying in Tri-City and we'll arrange the hottest hotel room wakeup call known to man.

In a nutshell:

  • Sexy wakeup call in the stag's hotel room
  • Gorgeous stripper
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