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Gdansk RIB Ride

A RIB ride round an old torpedo factory from WWII? Hell yes! You can only do this on a Gdansk stag weekend. Take advantage of being on a stag in a port city with a rich maritime history and get on board. Unique and fascinating, this ain't your average thrill ride. This bad boy can take up to 12 people and goes like something brown off a shovel! The ride lasts 40 minutes and includes an instructor and safety gear. This is the kind of trip that turns grown men into silly little girls. The skipper likes to have fun with stag groups and will chuck in a few sharp turns that take the boat so far to the side you think you're going to capsize.

If you've never been on a RIB ride before, Gdansk is one of the best places in Europe to pop your cherry. Speed past the port and out towards the old torpedo factory, which is actually on the water. Incredible!

A guide will take you to the departure point and you can get there by walking or public transport. No long transfers needed. You can fit this into your plans with no worries and you know it'll be one of the big highlights of the weekend!.

It's a RIB boat. You're going to speed round a place where actual torpedoes were made for the Second World War. When are you going to get the chance to do that again? And how awesome will it be when you tell everyone about it after the Gdansk stag weekend? If doing something amazing is the order of business, a RIB ride will deliver.

In a nutshell:

  • 40-minute RIB ride
  • Take a blast round a WWII torpedo factory
  • Instructor
  • Safety equipment is provided
  • Guide
  • Available March-November
  • Weather dependent
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