Gdansk Jet Ski

Nothing says 'I'm a badass adrenaline junkie' like a jet ski. And it's not every day you get to go on a blast on the Polish Baltic coast. You'll definitely remember the year you all went on a jet ski stag weekend in Gdansk. If you want to get your kicks in a memorable way, this 15-minute thrill ride will hit your sweet spot. It's actually from Sopot, which is part of the Tri-City tourist area along with Gdansk and Gdynia. An instructor will show you the ropes. Two jet skis can go out at once. Hit the water and feel the sweet buzz you get from carving it up at speed!

Boat cruises are all very well and good but a jet ski puts you in touch with the water in a way that sailing on a catamaran or yacht can't. This is powerful stuff and it's also a lot of fun. Anyone who likes big boys toys will absolutely love the jet ski experience. Especially in a place like Sopot. A stone's throw from Gdansk, this seaside resort is where the Polish come to play it the summer months. It's got golden sandy beaches, warm waters and beautiful scenery. This is where you go if you like your water sports.

If all that sounds like your idea of a good time, just tell us when and how many. We'll add a jet ski ride to your package and give your stag weekend in Gdansk a king-size shot of adrenaline.

In a nutshell:

  • Jet ski experience
  • 15 minutes long
  • Instruction
  • All necessary equipment is supplied
  • Available May-September
  • Weather dependent
From Only £86.00 per Person
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