Gdansk Escape Room

Can you beat the room at its own game in just one hour? The challenge has been set! It's up to you to work as a team to find stuff, suss out how the gadgets work, solve a few cryptic clues and break free. Time is not on your side. Once the countdown begins there's no stopping it. This is one of the best Gdansk stag do activities for three reasons: it's exciting, challenging and depends on solid team work. Escape games are massive in the UK. Find out how they do it in Poland.

Escape room games are all about mystery. It's best not to know too much before you go in. But we will say that your room will have a theme. It could be anything: mystery, suspense, horror, adventure, futuristic. Your goal is to locate what you need to get out and find the exit. Leaving a room has never been so tricky!

If you haven't discovered the whole escape room thing yet you're in for an amazing experience. An escape room is basically like being dropped in an adventure video game, only with a locked door and a time limit. Escape games are live, immersive, and designed to get you fully engaged and absorbed from the moment the door locks. It works. Because you've only got one hour, you really throw yourself into it from the beginning. You can't do this on your Jack Jones. It takes a team to smash this one. That's why it's a good choice for a Gdansk stag do.

It's also one of the rare activities that are equally good for small and large groups on a Gdansk stag do. There are four themed rooms at the venue, and it's five to a room. If all rooms are free, you can take over the whole venue for an hour and up to 20 of you can play the rooms. Get in there!

In a nutshell:

  • Escape room near Gdansk
  • 1 hour to get out
  • 4 themed rooms in 1 venue
  • Up to 5 people per room
  • Contraptions to work and things to find
  • Effects for a more real, immersive gaming experience
  • Transfer
  • Guide
From Only £31.00 per Person
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