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Sunny day on the Motlawa River. Discover Gdansk Stag Party ideas below:

Gdansk Stag Do Activities & Party Ideas

Gdansk stag weekend? Hell yeah!

Gdansk Stag Do say hello! Done Warsaw and Krakow and want to spend your single life send off somewhere new in Poland? Gdansk or Danzig in German, is renowned for her picture-postcard beach, love of sailing and a main square which is a popular Summer hangout for tourists and locals alike with its pavement cafes and bars galore. If you want to wave goodbye to the single life in a stunning destination with more to offer than your typical Eastern European city, this one's the way forward.

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Pick from one of our Gdansk Stag Party Activities Below

When you're in Gdansk, your stag party has to hit Sopot. This is the place which really steals the show in the city, giving stag parties the creme de la creme of activities, events, accommodation and fun. She's the bubbly one of the bunch with what we reckon to be the liveliest social scene. Gdansk stag weekends are rapidly rising up the ranks and now rival the more traditional Polish spots, like Krakow and Warsaw. Let battle commence!

Go wild in Gdansk with your stag party...

Well, lads; what's on the cards for your stag party at night in Gdansk you may ask. With her cool party reputation and a trendy in crowd, this city offers plenty of attractive prospects when the sun sets. In Summer it's party time pretty much every night of the week. Your stag party can find beach parties, festivals and concerts which take over the city's calendar. You'll guaranteed to find something to catch your eye and draw you in.

Polish food is hearty and delicious. It would be rude not to sample some traditional Polish fayre whilst in Gdansk. We'll have your stag party trying everything from kielbasa (spicy sausage) to the famous, and very potent, Polish vodka. This stuff is drank at every meal! Check out the Goldwasser whilst you're at it, but if you're not feeling quite so adventurous, there are a couple of world class pizza joints on the menu, as well.

What about daytime activities for Gdansk stag weekends? The sailing opportunities are excellent, with rides on RIB boats being particularly popular. Watersports are on the cards as well, thanks to the selection of beaches in and around Gdansk.

Stag weekends up for sea kayaking and deep sea fishing are in for a treat. The views are cracking and the weather's surprisingly warm in summer. It's best to book watersports and sailing before you fly. Gdansk is packed in high season so make sure you don't miss out.

If the groom isn't exactly a water rat, don't worry about finding alternative activities. Gdansk stag weekends have plenty to do on dry land as well as in the water. The Paintballing is the best we've sampled to date and will give you a top quality battlefield to lock horns on. Hills and valleys are perfect for taking pot shots at the man of the moment. Gdansk stag weekends looking for an all-day paintballing extravaganza can plump for a BBQ and beers afterwards.

Prefer Quad Biking? The perfect partner to paintballing, this is another classic gem you can enjoy in Gdansk. Stag weekends have claimed the adventure park in Gdansk to be the best in the country. That may be a bold statement, but we reckon it's spot on. There's also that other all-time favourite for Gdansk stag weekends to consider - clay shooting. Not to mention indoor and outdoor karting for the kings of the road.

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