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Essex Pro Karting

Think you've got what it takes to conquer a pro karting circuit? With the option to use 70 mph pro karts, this racing session will separate the men from the boys on your Essex stag do!

This monster track near Lakeside weighs in at a massive 900 m long. It's got 10 deadly corners, 3 humongous straights, 2 hair-raising hairpins, and can handle 25 karts on a grid start. Strap in, get in the zone, and prepare for greatness!

Don't worry if you're too scared to drive a 70 mph pro kart. You can choose senior karts with a top speed of 40 mph if you prefer. Everyone else will laugh at you for the rest of the stag do, but at least you'll be nice and sensible. You'll also lose, but that's your lookout...

The pro karts have twin engines, and sit a mere inch off the track surface. You'll be hitting the magic 70 on the straights, but when you're this low and wide, it feels like you're driving a Bugatti Veyron.

At these speeds, you'll need to muster every ounce of racing skill at your disposal. Follow the racing line, and listen closely to any tips you get before you start your engines! We recommend slowing right down for The Complex a terrifying combo of right-left bends and hairpins that will see less experienced drivers eating crash barriers.

If you reckon you've tried every style of karting experience, you owe it to yourselves to give this one a go! Pro karting offers the ultimate race, and is the perfect way to add some adrenaline to a stag do in Essex.

Track average is a 55.50-second lap. Can you beat it?

Pro karting on an Essex stag do includes:

  • 30 minutes of racing
  • 5 minutes practice
  • 10-minute qualifier
  • 15-minute final
  • Podium presentation
  • Pro karts available (70 mph)
  • Instruction and safety briefing
  • All protective gear
  • Option to upgrade and add food
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Packages That Include This Activity

Essex Stag Do Ideas - Pro Karting
Take to the Track
Whats Included...
  • Pro Karting
  • Night At The Dogs
  • Stag Platters and Pitchers
  • Night Club Entry
  • 2 nights accommodation
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